2013 Monster Swim Launch

Monster swim launch 2013

Swimtrek’s Simon Murie joined the Wild Highlanders and a few new faces in our swimming pool, aka Loch Ness, this evening as a way to launch the 2013 Monster Swim event.  The Highlands were not being shown off to their sunny best as the weather was intermittently showery and hailstones, but about 14 swimmers agreed it was a lovely evening swim.  One or two dipping for the first time managed impressive times in the water and left with smiles on their faces, encouraged to swim again soon.  That’s what we like to see.

My hydrotracker GPS recorded a swim of 1200m and I was in the water for 30 minutes.  It was a chatty swim with a number of stops to socialise.  The water felt so much warmer than it had last saturday and we tried to analyse why..is it because it was an evening swim rather than morning? or maybe the lack of a biting wind made the biggest difference.  Despite the strong winds during the day, the loch was fairly calm and the water definitely felt over 6C, perhaps even 7C .  I must remember to take my thermometer out with me on Saturday instead of leaving it in the pocket of my DryRobe on the shore.

I think Simon must have felt a bit cold judging by the way he was running up and down Dores beach after his swim.  He unwittingly provided some entertainment for those of us still in the water.  He had posed for some photos with a Monster Swim banner while still in the water and no doubt this period of inactivity would allow the cold to creep in.  I’m assuming some of the photos will appear on the Monster Swim and Swimtrek social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the Monster Swim webpage.  Must look out for them and perhaps pinch one to add to this blog (now done!).  Simon looks quite tanned from all his overseas swims and I think this may look a little odd in the dull, cold Loch Ness waterscape.

We all left the swim armed with posters and postcards advertising the Monster Swim to put up on noticeboards throughout the area.  Many of the Wild Highlanders are already entered for the swim on 17 August, some are still contemplating whether to enter the ‘Wee Nessie’ 1/2 mile or the ‘Big Yin’ full mile.  I have entered the Big Yin swim for the past two years in the non-wetsuit category.  There are going to be a few more of us in that category this year.

As ever, the post-swim coffees/hot-chocolates on the sofas in the pub were a great opportunity to socialise and offer Swimtrek our opinions on how to improve the Monster Swim as an event.  I wonder how the event will be organised this year…join in and find out!

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