About Me

The Wild Highlanders group was born from a small association of local folk already enjoying wild swimming and keen to meet and swim and explore the rivers, firths and lochs of the Highlands in a social context.  The group has grown, but the focus on simply getting out there and swimming and having fun with a supportive bunch of like-minded individuals is unchanged.  I am simply one of those individuals, a Wild Highlander.

Captivated by the open water swimming bug since 2011, I have been setting my sights on longer or more interesting swim adventures. I seek out the crossings and the end-to-end swims as being more personally satisfying than simple circuit swim events, and I still love finding interesting dipping places with massive scenic appeal.  I’m a 40-something mum of three who should know better, but I am addicted to the buzz I get from cold water immersion.  I’ve already done some cool swims, including Alcatraz, Loch Earn, Lake Pukaki…. but the coolest was the ice mile.  It’s time to start recording my swimming adventures, the when, the how and the why.

I don’t yet know where this sport will take me, but I want to start logging some of my more notable swimming adventures.  Maybe my girls will be interested in reading about these adventures one day, and maybe then they will understand why ‘crazy lady’ is not quite the right moniker for their mum.

Wild Highlanders swim in many locations and at various times throughout the year.  However we do have a regular swim slot – a group will usually be found swimming in Loch Ness on Saturday mornings throughout the year.  Meet 10am Dores Beach.


10 Responses to About Me

  1. Darryl says:

    Well, we had an idea for a Tweedo related stunt earlier in the year; we thought we’d coined a thing. But, hats off to you chaps, you got in there first and did a ruddy fine job of it.
    Are there any plans for a Tweedo-clad long distance swim in the Highlands in 2015 that we could join in?
    All the best

  2. Glad I’ve stumbled across your blog! I took my first wild swim in the Fairy Pools last month and have since gone to Loch Achilty. I’m awaiting an invite to the FB Wild Highlanders group so I can join in some of the swims and maybe even come along to Loch Ness one Saturday morning!

  3. Jenny Scotson says:

    Hi, I recently moved to dores and I would love to give this a try. Is there a website, facebook page and how do I get started?

  4. Tiffany says:

    I’ve been wanting to joon th swims down at Dors beach for some time. Can any one get involved? Do you just meet on the beach in Saturday’s?

    • Yes, anyone can swim on a Saturday or anytime. There are no safety provisions and each swims at their own risk, but company is always good. We swim lots of places at lots of times but the Saturday mornin at Dores is a constant.

  5. Jaime says:

    Hi, I have committed myself to doing a 500m outdoor swim which I’m doing for charity on 19 Aug. I now have all the gear and need to actually practise swimming in open water. Can I just turn up on a Saturday and will you help me with any good advice? Thanks

  6. Jim Smith says:

    Hi All!
    Im Jim from the warm waters of Western Australia coming over to Scotland in June for 10 days. I do a bit of open water swimming here and looking at doing swims on my way around. I see you have a swim every Saturday- Im keen to have a go. Please send a few details -distance etc. Also would appreciate some idea on wetsuits and protective gear for a arm water swimmer

    • Hi Jim, you’d be very welcome to join us on a saturday morning. People swim in a variety of outfits from usual swimsuits to head to toe neoprene and lots of variation between. Water temps in June are likely to be in the 9-12C range depending on the weather we have in the weeks beforehand. People swim a wide variety of distance depending on ability and acclimatisation, there is no set distance. People will swim at their own risk as this is not a club and there are no memberships or safety provisions. However, regular swimmers are always happy to accompany a visitor or new swimmer to help them feel comfortable and enjoy their immersion experience. If you feel the cold then a neoprene wetsuit, bootees, gloves and swim hood can assist. Some will wear thermal vests or rash vests under the wetsuit to assist further. Hope we see you in June. Helen

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